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Established in year 2011, Uncle Parcels and Forwarders Pvt. Ltd (UPFPL). is India's fast growing Courier and Logistics Solution Company. At UPFPL, we believe that Technology is our asset in enriching lives of millions by easing their task of delivering their parcels/ dockets to desired destinations across India. Backed with proven track record in Logistics services, UPFPL is a team of young, vibrant and dynamic technology savvy franchise partners. UPFPL family is amongst top growing the best courier services network in India.

We are Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation's (MSRTC) official partner for Courier/ documentation/ logistics services operation in their network of over 27,000 various types of Buses spread in over thousand owned Bus Stands located in Central Places across Maharashtra. We offer shipment of parcels via traditional ST Buses, Shivneri Buses, Asiad Buses and dedicated goods buses as well. We have proven track record of delivering dockets within 24 hours in district bound operations. Our wide range of booking services offers regular LR booking, Monthly Pass Booking, booking of Nano and Allied Materials. Please click here to review our Courier Services Network.

We offer assured delivery of Courier Parcels/ Dockets to over 1,000 destinations across whole Maharashtra, Gujrat, Andhra Pradesh and many other States lined up across. We have our own Franchise network setup across Maharashtra, Associate Franchise Network in Gujrat and Andhra Pradesh for Courier Delivery via Road Transportation. Cost effective and quick delivery of consignments holds our equal attention and we at UPFPL are proud to be the founders of unique initiatves of offering Courier services via mixed mode operations i.e. by Road as well as dedicated Goods wagon trains. This not only ensures cost saving to our valued Customer but equally helps us in the best safety standards of delivering Consignments in time bound manner.

We hold high value and upbeat for excellence in services and our theme 'On Time - In Time' reflects this passion of ours in our execution pattern. We understand Corporate needs and are proud to scale our plans to suite and offer most economic modes of courier services to Corporate world. Our Corporate Plans are volume slab levelled, monthly booking mode and to be billed mode plans and holds high scalability for sending various types of shipments. Please click here to know more.

We welcome your queries and questions, please click here to e-mail us or click here for Live Chat with our Associates for instant resolution of your concerns (during working days).

Feel free to write to us via email/ call us for any of your queries thereof.

Team Uncle Parcels

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